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WEALL- East Africa – Supporting grassroots movements across East Africa to be key drivers for the global movement for a wellbeing economy


Grassroots Movements!

Are the engine that drives societal and policy change. People who work and reside in communities are best positioned to identify what needs to change in their communities.

What this means for East Africa!

This means coordinating directly with people who are already deeply grounded in their communities and are collectively effecting positive change, to be at the forefront when creating strategies for building a wellbeing economy and amplifying their work


The Wellness Project

A network of smallholder farmers working towards boosting nutrition, health and increasing food production across Africa

The network is building and strengthening collaborations amongst farmers, certified natural medicines practitioners and regenerative agricultural experts

Why smallholder farmers?

Smallholder farmers still control the largest areas for production, most of whom practice mixed farming. They employ 70% of the workforce and are home to most of the poor. More than half of the rural households are dependent on agriculture.

Smallholder farmers supply food to the local markets. So we can not ignore the role they play in ending hunger at national levels


SES4FOOD Application - Social Entrepreneurship Support for Food Security

Connecting Smallholder farmers & Social Entrepreneurs working on Food Security to available (Social) Entrepreneurship Support with the aim to create Climate & People friendly Ecosystems and enable communities enhancing Food Security in a Sustainable Way.

1. Connecting them to existing training and incubation programs.

2. NGOS, market actors, government, mentors etc. to the Social Entrepreneurs.

3. The Social Entrepreneurs to each other so they can grow their business and create more impact

Nonviolent Communication

It is not possible to nurture meaningful relationships, build collaborations, combat world crisis, lead nations, raise loving families when we are communicating without compassion and honesty to ourselves and those around us?

SO we are facilitating NVC trainings for social change leaders in Africa

Practicing Marshall Rosenburg’s four NVC principles – 1. Observation without Judgement, 2. Feelings without thought, 3. Needs withouts strategy and 4.  Making requests without demands



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“When we hear the other person’s feelings and needs, we recognize our common humanity”.


- Marshall. B. Rosenburg Psychologist, Mediator, Teacher & Author of Nonviolent Communication

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