WEAll Cymru is an alliance of people and organisations who are striving for a new and better economy for Wales – one that serves the wellbeing of our people and our planet, rather than one based on the obsessive pursuit of “growth” at any cost. There IS another way! And there’s so much happening here in Wales already.

Who We Are

WEAll Cymru is a volunteer-led “network of networks”, working together to achieve the tipping point for deep and lasting change.  Our goal is to connect, collaborate and AMPLIFY the idea of a wellbeing economy, and exactly what it looks like, here in Wales.

Our Mission

WEAll Cymru exists to make new ways of living and working, and new ways of organising our society and our economy, more visible, more accessible and more relevant to all those who live here.  Because economic system change will involve us all, and WeAll have a vital part to play.

What We’re Doing

Our working groups are taking forward a range of activities, engaging diverse audiences in conversation and action, including young people, businesses, local communities and policy-makers.  To find out more, get involved, or join our mailing list, please contact us via the form below.


WEAll Cymru is always keen to hear from others who might want to get involved!

  • A Local Action workshop series – “Localising the Doughnut”
  • Monthly Discussion forums on a wide range of topics
  • Outreach & Communications
  • Behaviour change programme / research

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