Across our ancient, vast and sunburnt country, there’s a growing movement of leaders working to redesign our economy — from valuing growth and profits for some, to wellbeing for all.


We’re the Australian hub of the global Wellbeing Economy Alliance. We’re here to change our economy’s goals, drivers and measures of success — from mere growth and profits for some, to wellbeing for people and planet.  

Join the movement.

From purpose-driven business to forward-thinking governments, universities, professional networks, think tanks, advocacy groups and community organisations, we’re building an Australia that is just and fair, ecologically healthy and powered by an economy that sustains wellbeing for all. 

WEAll Australia is the hub for Australian leaders and organisations from every space and sector to connect, gather, learn and support one another — as we continue to catalyse and accelerate this transformation. 

It’s an exciting time for Australia.

Drawing on more than 60,000 years of wisdom about caring for people and Country, we see First Nations knowledge and systems thinking ready to inspire the world.

We see the rise of our purpose-driven businesses, and new approaches to regenerate both our farms and our cities. 

We see our Commonwealth Treasury working to ‘measure what matters’, and states and territories ramping up their own wellbeing frameworks too. 

We see leaders from all parties, sectors and generations standing up for our shared human needs and goals.

We know the economy underpins so much of what we all care about: building good lives and on a healthy planet. It’s time to harness our energy, intelligence and innovation for more than just economic growth. 

Learn more and become part of the Wellbeing Economy movement in Australia. Collaborate with others working for a wellbeing economy in Australia and beyond — as you learn, lead and shape the future of our economy.

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