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WEAll January Talk – Ecocide Law for an Economy within Planetary Boundaries

Some of our economic activity is now beyond Nature’s carrying capacity. Current environmental laws, policies and agreements are inadequate to keep activities within safe bounds and the resulting climate change, extreme weather, biodiversity loss, livelihood crises, natural resource crises are now visible across the globe. There is a gap in our legal order. Something more is […]


Reflections from my first COP

by Nela Cadinanos, WEAll Youth Member Last month I attended COP27 in Sharm el-Sheij, Egypt, representing the Youth through various voluntary roles I play as part of my climate activism – these include advocacy for global movements like the WEAll Youth, and the BMW Foundation, and being representative of the Students’ Union at my university […]

December WEAll Talk – Christopher Boyce- ‘Experts by Experience: Cycling to Bhutan and other big stories’

Can we empower ourselves and others through sharing our experiences, and can sharing our experiences help shape social and economic narratives? Discussion about our economic, political, and social systems are often dominated by those who have acquired knowledge through extensive training yet have little direct experience of the consequences of those systems. This talk will […]

New Briefing Paper: Zero Waste in a Wellbeing Economy

The New Year is a great time to start fresh! The latest WEAll briefing paper on Zero Waste in a Wellbeing Economy offers many inspiring case studies for ways to shift towards a waste-free world. The paper, led by Swedish zero waste expert Malin Leth, describes the irony of how we have generated a highly materialistic culture that does not actually value materials.  Refusing, Reducing, […]


Treasure what we measure: first steps towards an Australian Wellbeing Budget

by Margreet Frieling, Knowledge Co-Lead at WEAll Margreet has fifteen years of experience working in the public sector internationally, including for the OECD, the New Zealand Ministries for the Environment, Social Development, Education, and Finance and the Dutch Ministry of Health & Wellbeing. Australian Treasurer Jim Chalmers is joining the global movement towards a wellbeing […]

In turbulent times, our leaders must address the systemic causes driving our mental health problems and prioritise wellbeing.

by Kate Pickett Kate is co-author, with Richard Wilkinson, of The Inner Level: How More Equal SocietiesReduce Stress, Restore Sanity and Improve Everyone’s Well-Being.Website: www.wilkinsonpickett.com We seem to be reeling from crisis to crisis these days – the global financial crisis of 2008 has been followed by the cost of living crisis, the climate crisis […]

WEAll Talk: Collaborative urban wellbeing regeneration ‘natural experiments’: Two examples from the United Kingdom

This talk outlines two transdisciplinary natural experiments, in two deprived urban areas of Manchester and London (UK). Both projects involve working with local communities to “measure what we treasure” and go beyond traditional measures. The first involved a new £4 million co-designed ‘sponge’ park in a flood-risk area, at the end of a housing-led regeneration […]

The Dialogue Dance: from competition to collaboration in the language of social progress and sustainable development

Written by: Alden Lai, Amanda Janoo, Jennifer Wallace, Jon Hall, and Tim Lomas, Over the past 20 years there have been increasing calls to shift from the dominant paradigms in economics and public policy that prioritise economic growth to a new conceptual framework of progress that centres on our people and planet’s quality of life. […]

The Afrik-Akili Declaration: An invitation to witness Africa reclaiming her place in the world.

by Raad Sharar  The scars of colonialism run deep. Even after the independence of the vast majority of African states  from their colonisers, the reality of returning to pre-colonial times is nothing short of utopian.   Colonialism has brought about significant changes in society, culture, and behaviour, in addition to the myriad exploitative and inhuman acts […]

WEAll Talk: When business meets the Doughnut

When business meets the Doughnut To meet the needs of all people within the means of the living planet, Doughnut Economics poses some big challenges for businesses. The business world will need to embrace bold and ambitious solutions that are both regenerative and distributive. To make this possible, we will need to transform the deep […]

WEAll Talk: Sustainable Banking: Reflections from a small NGO in Sweden

The mission of the Swedish Organization for Global Health (SOGH) is “to channel youth passion and talent to create a positive change in people’s health, from spreading knowledge about global and planetary health topics to concretely improving the quality and accessibility of health care in low-income settings”  As part of that mission, the organisation seeks […]

WEAll Talk: Is there a spiritual side to economics?

What if making the transition from an economy for a dying world to an economy for a thriving world isn’t just about education, policy changes, and raising awareness, but also requires raising human consciousness?  Is there a spiritual component to life, including the human experience, that can be activated to accelerate widespread adoption of a […]

Scarcity and Growth

A blog to mark the 2022 reprinting of Richard Wilkinson’sPoverty & Progress: an ecological model of economic growth (1973) The early Seventies saw the take-off of the modern environmental movement, with the first Earth Day celebrated in 1970, and the publication of some classics of environmental thinking: of A Blueprint for Survival, The Limits to […]