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Common Ground Festival: Join Us in Glasgow on 6 November

Featuring Colonel Mustard and the Dijon Five, Caroline Lucas, Rou Reynolds, Sandrine Dixson-Decleve and many more… In November, the most important conversation in the world is taking place in Glasgow.  COP26 will bring together thousands of legislators, politicians and journalists to make decisions about our collective future.  The idea behind Common Ground Festival is to […]

Women in the Wellbeing Economy: Post-event reflections and recording

By Lisa Hough-Stewart What could economic system transformation mean for women and non-binary people?  This was the question at the heart of the discussion convened on September 7 by WEAll, Caroline Lucas’ office and Kat Davis of Flip Finance. WEAll has been working since May with Caroline Lucas’ team to promote the ongoing petition urging […]

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Towards wellbeing for teachers and pupils

By Shaleen Porwal At the start of this year, as I was navigating through the Regenerative Building Blocks of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll), I paused when I read, “People safe & healthy in their communities, rather than necessitating vast expenditures on treating, healing & fixing”. And in the definition of the health goal, it […]

WEAll is recruiting: Communications Lead (global team)

The WEAll global Amp Team is recruiting for a new full-time Communications Lead. The position is a fantastic opportunity for someone with skills and experience in strategic communications and who has the energy and ideas to help WEAll build a better system for people and the planet. The successful candidate will be part of an […]


WEAll Weekly Update – August 27

Welcome to our weekly update! As part of our work to amplify the important work in the Wellbeing Economy movement, these WEAll Weekly Update blogs will share some of the latest and greatest updates from our membership and beyond. Please use the comment box to share any relevant updates from this week and keep the […]

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Thirst for Life

By Chrissi Albus, WEAll Youth Clean drinking water makes a difference between life and death.  According to the United Nations, up to 2.2 billion people do not have access to safe, clean, and controlled drinking water. (2) Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General said, “Access to safe water is a fundamental human need and, therefore, […]

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I made millions betting against trickle-down economics – now I’m tackling wealth inequality

I have personally made millions by betting that failing to tackle wealth inequality will keep our economy in a slump forever. I firmly believe that wealth, well paid work, and good quality, secure housing could be a realistic possibility for all if we deal with wealth inequality as a society.


WEAll Weekly Update – July 2

Join the WEAll community –become a WEAll Member & join our WEAll Citizens Platform. As part of our work to amplify the important work in the Wellbeing Economy movement, these WEAll Weekly Update blogs will share some of the latest and greatest updates from our membership and beyond. Please use the comment box to share […]

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WEAll Can: new Wellbeing Economy hub launches for Canada and sovereign Indigenous nations

Canada gains new momentum toward a wellbeing economy During World Wellbeing Week (June 21-30), Canada and sovereign Indigenous nations announced the launch of the latest WEAll hub. “The current economic system was borne out of the Second World War, and it served its purpose at the time, which essentially was to prevent another war,” said Yannick […]

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Two sides of the same coin: New Zealand’s 2021 ‘recovery’ and ‘wellbeing’ Budget

By Hannah Ormston, Ben Thurman and Jen Wallace from the Carnegie UK Trust In 2019, New Zealand made headlines around the world when their government signalled a genuine commitment to improving New Zealanders collective wellbeing through their annual budget. Applauded for being “transformational” and a “world first”, the NZ Treasury outlined their ambitions to measure […]

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WEAll, the 2021 UK Budget, and the Aoteraroa New Zealand WEAll hub

Kia ora!  I’m Suzy Morrissey, one of the founders of the Aoteraroa New Zealand WEAll hub, and I recently gave ‘evidence’ to a special meeting of the UK All Party Parliamentary Committee (APPG) on the Green New Deal and the APPG on Limits to Growth. The Green New Deal APPG was established to provide a […]

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UK petition demands a shift to a Wellbeing Economy

A petition campaign is underway in the UK, demanding that the government at Westminster prioritises a shift to a Wellbeing Economy. Launched by Brighton campaigner Laura Sharples, the petition seeks to garner 100,000 signatures by September so that the need for a Wellbeing Economy will be debated in Parliament. WEAll’s Katherine Trebeck was part of […]

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Faces of the Wellbeing Economy: Francesco Temperini, Rome, on multi-dimensional wellbeing analysis

About the author: Francesco Temperini is a 24-year old MSc graduate in Environmental and Development Economics and a member of WEAll Youth, located in Rome, Italy I joined WEAll Youth because I think that sharing ideas between people moved by the same interests could lead to a new shape of economic thinking: with Multidimensional Wellbeing […]

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Love you: Public policy for intergenerational wellbeing

The former Chief Economist of The Treasury in New Zealand has written a book examining the processes by which wellbeing-focused public policy objectives can be established, prioritised, funded, implemented, managed, and evaluated. Professor Girol Karacaoglu is Head of the School of Government at Victoria University of Wellington and was previously New Zealand’s Chief Economist of […]