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Economics should reflect what really matters

By David Suzuki with contributions from Ontario and Northern Canada Director General Yannick Beaudoin When you pause to reflect on what’s truly essential and meaningful for you to thrive, what comes to mind? Is it about having more? Or having better? Is it about all the buying or the genuine caring? Is it about over-consuming […]

Canada’s GDP says nothing about our well-being — it often benefits from social ills and environmental crises

Last week, Statistics Canada announced that gross domestic product grew by 1.3 per cent over the last quarter. It’s in large part because of an increase in household spending, meaning more money is leaving your wallet. Does growth of our traditional measure of economic success mean you’re better off? Maybe; maybe not. But it’s time we accept […]

Canada gains new momentum toward a well-being economy

Ahead of World Well-Being Week (June 21-30), an international alliance of organizations and individuals challenging the core purpose of the contemporary economy will soon include a hub for Canada and sovereign Indigenous nations. “The current economic system was borne out of the Second World War, and it served its purpose at the time, which essentially […]