Opportunity Lead

Nikita is pursuing a degree in Economics at the University of Warwick in the UK. She is currently in her final year. She loves expressing herself through creative mediums, be it calligraphy, mixed media painting, decoupage or learning new languages. Along with English, she also speaks Hindi, Sindhi, Arabic and French, and looks forward to learning a lot more!

As Opportunity Lead, she oversees the writing of grant applications to ensure a smooth and timely flow of funds towards WEAll Youth’s expanding scope of projects.

“Our current economic system conditions us to believe that we cannot all blossom, at the same time, ie, someone needs to be shed, for another one to grow. But that’s not true- we do have what it takes to rethink, to re-engineer and shift the paradigm. To take this vision from 2D to 3D involves going beyond ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ to ‘rediscover, refurnish, and most importantly repurpose’. We need to embrace the economy in a manner that enforces regeneration, not just sustainability. WEAll Youth’s dynamic structure and cooperation-based ethos sets an ideal ground to achieve this vision.”

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