Partnership Lead

After finishing her BBA in Global Project and Change Management in the Netherlands, Helene is now doing her Master in Sustainable Business and Innovation in Barcelona. In her spare time, she enjoys inline skating, plays tennis or explores the newest cafes in town. Whenever her studies allow her to, she travels or visits her friends in different countries. Besides English, Helene also speaks German.

As the Partnership Lead, Helene is responsible for actively reaching out to other (youth) organizations to build strong connections and initiate collaborative actions.

“If we don’t change the fundamentals, how can we expect to create different outcomes? If we as young people don’t get engaged in conversations about systemic change, we’ll most likely only achieve superficial change. We need to start re-centering our systems from the roots up around people and planet and as the managers, professionals, researchers and leaders of tomorrow, young people have a powerful role in bringing about this change. WEAll Youth is a way to engage in this conversation and to realize and act upon this power.”

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