Our funded partnerships

We work in partnership with organisations who seek to put Wellbeing Economy thinking at the heart of their work and we rely on funding from a range of organisations to carry out our work. In additional to the projects below we recently helped the Board of Creative Scotland to build their understanding of wellbeing economics and explore the contribution of the creative sector. And we produced a report on the contribution of football in building a Wellbeing Economy for Scottish Football Association.

Expanding and equipping our movement

Friends Provident Foundation is funding us to create a network of allies from across Scotland who will work together to build momentum towards and deliver a Wellbeing Economy. The allies will collaborate in various activities to support both practice and policy changes. As of July 2022 we have built a network of 50 Allies including grassroots groups, national NGOs and purpose-driven businesses.

Building a Children’s Wellbeing Budget in Letham

Thanks to funding from Cattanach and Bosch we’re working in partnership with Perth & Kinross Council to transform the experience of growing up in Letham. The Love Letham project brings together children, young people, decision makers and people from all walks of life to create a shared vision of what children and young people need to flourish, as well as a plan to deliver it.

Enhancing funding opportunities for communities

Many funding programmes gravitate toward meeting the immediate needs of communities. Whilst vital, this approach rarely enables applicants or funders to address the root causes of need. We’re collaborating with Foundation Scotland to explore what it means to fund programmes that prevent harm from happening in the first place. We’ll harness the lessons learned from this shared journey to support other funders and policy makers to invest in long-term change.