Mobilization Lead

Ulric currently serves as a performance coach and concurrently helms a data science start-up. He is largely preoccupied with understanding what makes humans and systems tick, and is looking to understand how best to assist ventures from the traditional economy model align and inch towards becoming one that embraces the well-being economy. He can at times be found intentionally lost within the woods across various mountainous regions across Asia. Operating between Singapore and China, Ulric is conversant in both English and Mandarin.

As the Mobilization Lead, Ulric is responsible for the facilitation of WEAll Youth engagement and networking efforts as well as the development of local WEAll Youth Hubs across the globe.

“There is a place to trade perspectives and a place for action. WEAll Youth provides the network and capacity to do both. To build on your understanding of the well-being economy or to take action and align it with existing policies and measures for a concerted effect, we are able to take deliberate actions which translates concepts into reality.”

Opportunity Lead

Nikita is pursuing a degree in Economics at the University of Warwick in the UK. She is currently in her final year. She loves expressing herself through creative mediums, be it calligraphy, mixed media painting, decoupage or learning new languages. Along with English, she also speaks Hindi, Sindhi, Arabic and French, and looks forward to learning a lot more!

As Opportunity Lead, she oversees the writing of grant applications to ensure a smooth and timely flow of funds towards WEAll Youth’s expanding scope of projects.

“Our current economic system conditions us to believe that we cannot all blossom, at the same time, ie, someone needs to be shed, for another one to grow. But that’s not true- we do have what it takes to rethink, to re-engineer and shift the paradigm. To take this vision from 2D to 3D involves going beyond ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ to ‘rediscover, refurnish, and most importantly repurpose’. We need to embrace the economy in a manner that enforces regeneration, not just sustainability. WEAll Youth’s dynamic structure and cooperation-based ethos sets an ideal ground to achieve this vision.”

Communication Lead

Mara has done her BBA in Global Project and Change Management in the Netherlands and is continuing to study in her home country, Germany, for her masters. She enjoys music, playing, listening and dancing to it. Whenever she has time, Mara enjoys going to the gym and travelling the world. In addition to English, Mara also speaks German and Spanish.

As the Communication Lead, Mara is the most likely the first person you will talk to. She responds to emails, takes care of requests and connects you to the right people in our network.

“A stable economic system is the base for a prosperous society, but with our current systems, we seem to hinder any work done for a more equal, clean and healthy planet. I see the work on new economies as an essential part for our generation to take matters in our own hands and make a difference! If we young people work together as the WEAll Youth movement we gain the exposure and means to take action and start to make a change.”

Social Media Lead

Luzia is doing her BBA in Global Project and Change Management in the Netherlands. Coming from Austria, she likes mountaineering and goes bouldering as often as her schedule allows. Besides that, she enjoys spending her free time together with friends or being out to take pictures. She speaks German and English.

As the Social Media Lead, Luzia takes accountability for the social media presence of WEAll Youth. She keeps the social media up-to-date, implements campaigns, and creates content for our various social media channels.

“By building a wellbeing economy we can decrease the gap between rich and poor and give equal opportunities to everyone, while protecting our planet. But to achieve this, we need to collaborate and work together. It is fantastic to see how young people from all around the world come together to work for a wellbeing economy.”

Partnership Lead

After finishing her BBA in Global Project and Change Management in the Netherlands, Helene is now doing her Master in Sustainable Business and Innovation in Barcelona. In her spare time, she enjoys inline skating, plays tennis or explores the newest cafes in town. Whenever her studies allow her to, she travels or visits her friends in different countries. Besides English, Helene also speaks German.

As the Partnership Lead, Helene is responsible for actively reaching out to other (youth) organizations to build strong connections and initiate collaborative actions.

“If we don’t change the fundamentals, how can we expect to create different outcomes? If we as young people don’t get engaged in conversations about systemic change, we’ll most likely only achieve superficial change. We need to start re-centering our systems from the roots up around people and planet and as the managers, professionals, researchers and leaders of tomorrow, young people have a powerful role in bringing about this change. WEAll Youth is a way to engage in this conversation and to realize and act upon this power.”

Community Lead

Alexandra is from Germany and is currently studying a Master in Sustainable Business and Innovation in Barcelona after working for a couple of years in Marketing and Digital Transformation in Hamburg and London.
Her favourite way to get around anywhere in a city is with a bike and she loves cooking and baking for friends. She speaks German and English fluently and is currently learning Spanish and Italian.

As the Community Lead, is Alexandra the contact person for the WEAll Youth members. Any communication and organisation that needs to take place within the community, is her responsibility.

“I wanted to get involved with WeAll Youth, because I believe that we need to come together and jointly work towards a better future. None of us will be able to do it on their own, but together we can achieve things greater than our individual contribution. Fostering synergies between projects and connecting people from all over the world will therefore play an essential role in achieving the goal of a Wellbeing Economy.
Creating a world where we work for the overall good of society and environment instead of profit is the single most important system change of our time. It’s an ambitious one and it is daunting from time to time, but no revolution ever started with an easy goal.”