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Love you: Public policy for intergenerational wellbeing

The former Chief Economist of The Treasury in New Zealand has written a book examining the processes by which wellbeing-focused public policy objectives can be established, prioritised, funded, implemented, managed, and evaluated. Professor Girol Karacaoglu is Head of the School of Government at Victoria University of Wellington and was previously New Zealand’s Chief Economist of […]


Manifesto for the Future

With less than 200 days to go until the Senedd Election, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales Sophie Howe has launched her ‘Manifesto for the Future’, providing key recommendations that Sophie believes all political parties should consider within their manifesto work. In this podcast episode from 4theRegion, Dawn Lyle speaks to Sophie about her role and […]


Honouring Indigenous Wisdom this Thanksgiving

By Isabel Nuesse  This week, many American’s are gearing up for another Thanksgiving holiday. A holiday told to celebrate the harmony between the Pilgrims and Wampanoags – whose land expands from Southern Massachusetts, into Rhode Island. Source: Wikipedia  However, this narrative overlooks the genocide of the Native American peoples. It is said that between the […]


NEW WEAll HUB: California

WEAll is pleased to announce the launch of the first official US-based WEAll Hub: WEAll California.  On November 12th, the Institute for Ecological Civilization (EcoCiv) and WEAll will gather online with a broad group of organizational leaders and policy makers, to officially launch the hub.  This virtual event will bring together participants from across the […]


United We Trust?

By: Isabel Nuesse Founded on ideals of white superiority, rooted in colonial behavior, rich due to the exploitation and oppression of indigenous and black communities; this is the story of the US that has been avoided for the last 250 years.  With the performative slogan, ‘United We Trust’, we endeavor to pursue unity without acknowledging […]


Visions of a Wellbeing Economy: United States of America

By: Isabel Nuesse well-be·​ing | \ ˈwel-ˈbē-iŋ  \ Definition of well-being : the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous : WELFARE It’s a tumultuous time in the United States. With an ever-divisive political arena, our sensitivities have the wheel and it’s much easier to stick to our corners, and talk amongst ourselves.The outcome of […]


On Violence

By Ayomide Fatunde Ayomide Fatunde is an MIT-trained chemical engineer who was born in Lagos, Nigeria and grew up in Miami, Florida. She is currently based in Stuttgart, Germany where she’s been working for Daimler AG since November 2019 as part of their rotational leadership development program. Her projects centre on the company’s CO2 strategy […]


Wellbeing starts with “we” – guest blog on building a wellbeing economy in Santa Monica by Juliana Essen

“Wellbeing Starts with We” A California City Creates Community at its Inaugural Wellbeing Summit By Juliana Essen   On November 16, 2019, the small coastal city of Santa Monica, California held its inaugural Wellbeing Summit – a free and interactive community event that brought together nearly 900 residents, city leaders, local organizations, and members of […]


Four visionary articles by Duncan Fisher to guide Wales towards being a wellbeing economy

WEAll Wales founder Duncan Fisher has written a series of four visionary articles on the Institute of Wales Affairs website, designed to encourage and guide Wales towards becoming a wellbeing economy. Last week we shared the first of the series here. You can now read all four at the links below. Unhappiness threatens our democracies: […]


WEAll Wales gets underway with policy recommendations for a wellbeing economy

The newest WEAll place-based hub is developing quickly in Wales, with seasoned campaigner Duncan Fisher taking the lead on pushing for a wellbeing approach to economics. Wales’ devolved Assembly is already world-leading in its approach to intergenerational justice, having appointed a Future Generations Commissioner and enacting a Future Generations Act in 2015. Now, Duncan argues […]


BALLE becomes Common Future

Reposted from Medium  For 18 years, BALLE has worked alongside community leaders to advance bold ideas that are changing systems. If you followed our series this fall, you read about the incredible leaders in our network, our theory of change, and our vision of an equitable economy. Why are we bringing this up now? BALLE — The Business […]


The promise of the Green New Deal – by John De Graaf

First published by Front Porch Republic Without question, the rollout of the so-called “Green New Deal” in early February was less than elegant. Not long before the actual resolution proposing the idea was submitted into Congress by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Senator Ed Markey (D-MA), a set of policy “talking points” were released by a […]


New Zealand announces wellbeing budget

New Zealand has been making headlines this week after announcing its new Wellbeing Budget. The government of New Zealand says it is “is committed to putting people’s wellbeing and the environment at the heart of its policies, including reporting against a wider set of wellbeing indicators in future Budgets.” The official website of the New […]


Get behind the Green New Deal – but climate change can’t be left to politicians | Sarah McKinley

This article was first published by New Statesman By Sarah McKinley, Democracy Collaborative Against a backdrop of Brexit uncertainties, Labour members this week launched a grassroots campaign urging the party to adopt a Green New Deal. Their campaign calls for an economic stimulus programme to decarbonise the economy, create green jobs in struggling regions and […]