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Wellbeing Economy Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand 2022 Highlights

Haere mai and welcome to the Wellbeing Economy Alliance Aotearoa’s 2022 year in review post. It’s been a huge year for us and we wanted to share some of our highlights. We also wanted to wish everyone around the world a happy New Year. In Aotearoa, Summer is time for family, relaxing and connecting with nature – all the things that make life worth living but are not captured by GDP.

New Zealand’s wellbeing budgets are part of the global movement towards wellbeing economies

New Zealand made headlines after announcing its first Wellbeing Budget in 2019. The country continues to lead the way in delivering wellbeing budgets, setting spending priorities to meet wellbeing goals. Some economists continue to press for the traditional practice of developing strategies to promote economic growth. Justin Connolly is a founding member of the Aotearoa […]

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Lessons from New Zealand

New Zealand is aiming to adopt a wellbeing economy approach in its economic policy. The Government, for example, presented the world’s first Wellbeing Budget to Parliament on 30 May 2019. Against that background, Paul Dalziel and Caroline Saunders prepared a Research Briefing in September 2020. It summarises lessons learned in the initial New Zealand experience […]