Andrea Somma-Genta (1973-2020)

WEAll Ambassador

Andrea Somma-Trejos

WEAll Ambassador

“ We are currently spending our earth’s resources 1.7 times faster than its ecosystems can regenerate, and it is predicted that by 2030 we will be using two earths’ worth of resources. This numbers that are currently predicting our common fate, can be fought only by the numbers of those who seek change, and create, change. The well-being economy is already in existence, and it is growing stronger by the day, out of sight of indexes and surveys. So let us create a butterfly effect, catapulting this movement, based on knowledge shared and informed choices, to reach far and wide. ”

Remembering Andrea Somma-Genta

For more than a decade, Andrea Somma-Genta was dedicated to several non-profit initiatives in sustainability and the arts, and is a passionate advocate of women’s empowerment.

Andrea served as Chairman of the Board of Fundación Teor/Etica, an internationally acclaimed non-profit organization dedicated to the arts in Central America, where she developed projects in conjunction with the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Guggenheim.

In 2017 she founded the Costa Rica Fashion Summit (CRFS), the first sustainable fashion forum in the region, reuniting the most relevant experts worldwide. Under Andrea’s lead, the CRFS was a local and international success. Since its completion, similar forums have emerged in all countries of Central America including Costa Rica.
The success of this initiative led Andrea to create OMINA, an ambitious non- profit venture that seeks to inspire people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle by spreading global visionaries’ perceptions.
Andrea Somma-Genta was also country coordinator of Fashion Revolution.