Neva Goodwin

WEAll Ambassador

Neva Goodwin seeks ways to translate an understanding of the economy in its full social and ecological contexts into action and policy. She follows on-the-ground experiments in alternative socio-economic institutional design, and is involved with efforts to motivate business to recognize social and ecological health as significant, long-term corporate goals. Her lifelong involvement with the care and management of natural environments, and awareness of the onrushing crises of the 21st century – environmental crises causing, and caused by, social and economic disfunction – have turned her emphasis from economics per se to the possibility for ecological restoration to halt and turn around humanity’s headlong slide to disaster. She engages with this work as a member of the Steering Committee of the EcoHealth Network ( )

From 1995 through 2019 Dr. Goodwin was Co-director of the Global Development And Environment Institute, a research university at Tufts University. There she worked to systematize and institutionalize an economic theory – “contextual economics” – that will have more relevance to contemporary real-world concerns than does the dominant economic paradigm.  Much of this work has now moved to the Economics In Context Initiative at Boston University ( She has edited more than a dozen books in economics and related disciplines, and is the lead author of three introductory textbooks: Microeconomics in Context, Macroeconomics in Context and Principles of Economics in Context.