Wendy Ellyatt

WEAll Ambassador



Wendy is passionate about unlocking the potential in people.

​For the last thirty years she has been exploring the unique qualities of human learning and development, with a particular emphasis on what gives us meaning and purpose. Her studies have taken her from being a specialist in the foundational importance of early learning, to examining natural systems dynamics, our understanding of the word ‘wisdom’ and the importance of family and community life for the creation of sustainable societies and cultures of lifelong learning.

Over the last ten years she has devoted her time to addressing a growing concern about societal values and wellbeing and the importance of safeguarding natural development in the early years. She is the founder and Chief Executive of the Save Childhood Movement www.savechildhood.net, which in 2013 established National Children’s Day UK www.nationalchildrensdayuk.com as a significant platform for raising awareness about child rights and wellbeing. Through the movement, she is currently developing The Children’s Voice site www.thechildrensvoice.net as a significant new platform for children’s participation.

In 2018 she created the Flourish Project www.flourishproject.net as a major new global initiative and in 2019 she joined the Global Council for the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (and was co-chair for a year). She is also now leading the development of the UK Spirituality in Education Alliance.

What does fulfil us and produce sustainable states of wellbeing? How do we protect both children and adults from systems that undermine our inherent creativity and potential? How do we ensure that we can all feel valued and connected? Wendy’s diverse projects explore the limitations of measuring societal wellbeing solely through GDP, the modern world’s erosion of childhood and our shared need for meaningful relationship, community and contribution.